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Mom, wife, writer, equestrienne and addicted to all things sparkly, good smelling and free gifts with purchase!


Grew up in Renton, Washington, spending summer days at Lake Washington and Coulon park or hidden away reading books. Am now a California transplant and love the weather here in the San Francisco East Bay but dislike the traffic and lines at grocery stores.

Have loved horses longer than I can remember and currently have two(Shadow-our girl's horse and Foxy(Fox in Sox), my brilliant Irish Draught Sport Horse out of Foxglen Himself.

When I am not reading, writing, blogging or loving on my girls and husband, I enjoy horseback riding(jumpers), hanging by the pool, playing with our cat(that likes to fetch bouncy balls) and three dogs, driving both my girls back and forth to rehearsals and performances at the San Francisco Girls Chorus and spend time actively hating doing laundry, dishes and cleaning in general.


Aside from horses and all things family, I love shoes(every girl needs to kick up her feet every once in a while, especially with 3+ inch heels, preferably in red), reading, writing, blogging, playing with make-up, collecting perfume, and scouring the web for good deals on flattering fashions. I love a good thriller/action or romance (movies) and the Young Adult genre(of books, as I screen what my girls read). I hate having chronic severe anemia which requires me not to do far too many things I love such as running, biking and hiking. I love to cook big meals for friends and family, trying new cuisines and am very sad that Hostess went out of business. :( And did I mention I like sparkly things? :)